Mexican Look

Got this dress from Mexico by PROUD MARY, which makes me feel comfy and stylish. You can find Mexican dresses by Proud Mary in different styles. However, this one is simple that you can mix and match easy with any accessories.

Also, I am wearing unintentionally the Army boots by LINZI that look good with this dress by the way. Always, I find perfect items at MAD STYLE, so I got this purse by them.

I never liked gold before, but now I am so in love with each piece of gold. This time I found something very special at MANTRA BAND . Their bracelets are simple and elegant with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message while promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and mindfulness. Wear your MANTRA BRAND every day as your daily reminder of affirmation and inspiration. Made with love.

Being known as a watch lover, I am  in love with my new Rose Gold watch by KLASSE 14. This watch is really high quality, simple and good investment.

With love,




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