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I love travelling, and this time I stopped by in New York. I have just returned from our stay at the The Time New York in NYC and it was one of the most amazing hotel experiences I have ever had. I didn’t want to leave! We arrived at the hotel to a friendly and professional staff who helped us with the luggage. The lobby was very glamorous. The wall behind the lobby staff has a time animation machine (a bunch of clocks synchronized), which is a reflection of the hotel’s name The Time New York. Looking at those synchronized clocks is so satisfying. Check-in was quick, so we stayed longer in the lobby just to watch those clocks do their magic tricks. Our Deluxe King room was located on the 14th floor with beautiful view of  New York City. What caught my eye in the room was the TV installed behind the mirror. Also, high ceilings and gorgeous modern interior decor. The bed was heavenly comfortable and the amenities in the room were great. The bathroom was black and white and super modern, simply perfect. The room also had a full walk in wardrobe with more than enough hanging space that you would need. We ordered room service and it arrived within the time they specified, staff was lovely and the food was delicious.I had the best baguette ever. Sourdough with chicken, avocado, lettuce and ravioli mayonnaise, yum! Breakfast at the  SERAFINA Restaurant was also very remarkable with a great selection of breakfast items which were all fresh and tasty.

Overall this hotel was nothing short of amazing from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. It was an absolutely wonderful experience staying here. Leaving was the hardest part. The hotel is beautiful, rooms are luxurious and service is outstanding. Looking forward to come back soon.

Hope this article helps you to make a great choice and possibly have the same experience. Visit The Time New York Hotel and enjoy your stay!

From New York with love,


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