Vegan Leather and White Rhino Bags

Vegan leather comes in several different forms and qualities, so some are more ‘leather-like’ than others. Generally speaking, and focusing on good quality vegan leather, there isn’t that much difference to real leather. You may ask yourself if Vegan Leather and Real Leather are the same?! What kind of leather do you use? And many other questions about vegan leather…


The main concern for most people when deciding between vegan and real leather is the impact it has on animals and the environment. If you’re wondering what the difference is between vegan leather, faux leather and pleather, well, the simple answer is – for the most part, there is none.


Allie Hip Purse


Xandra Xo Backpack


After working for years in the industry of fashion, in many occasions I heard about ‘Vegan Leather’ and I had no idea what Vegan Leather was – now, I know exactly what it is and use the Vegan Leather. Because of this, I teamed up with @whiterhinobags

I like the Vegan Leather because it looks and feels like real leather. It really feels like real leather, but it’s definitely not made from an animal’s skin. Vegan Leather is every leather aficionado’s dream come true. The same elegant looks, the same gorgeous textures but cruelty free and animal-friendly.

The @whiterhinobags are a brand which uses only vegan leather for their products. I got two bags from them, which I really like and use for many occasions. I can say that you can’t even tell the difference from the real leather. Well, I want to share with you the bags and outfits I mixed up with the @whiterhinobags vegan leather bags. Checkout their page for more information, they offer great selection of style and colors for affordable price range. Right now they are having SALE. For more information you can find below their link, to be more familiar with their products and SHOP:










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